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  1. The version is iphlpapi.dll 4.90.3000.0 (actually running ME, not 98, and in particular a Union Friendly Systems machine obtained from Chrysler Corporation during their push to put their employees on line). Recently their had started to be a longer lag between the definitions update and the trace update (using dial-up), but the latest time it seemed to hang up completely in between. Exiting SAS and starting over, the trace update occurred promptly; however the program update still does not populate the available updates dialog. Strangely, we have now put another UFSI ME machine back in service (with cable connection), and it usually seems to report an error when booting that exactly this file, iphlpapi.dll, could not start. There was no working antivirus or firewall that I know of, and avast! has found klez worm in the aol folder (256 mb), while spybot found only two dialers and tracking cookies. Windowsupdate repeatedly could not install SP1 for internet explorer. Another critical update also fails to install, but the message seems to indicate the reason for it is that Microsoft Word, Office, etc., do not exist in this installation. I have not yet tried SAS on this other machine, or any of the online scanners, or Hijack This.
  2. Here is the response I received. I thought ``looking into the issue'' meant they were aware of it. Mar 28 2009 (Sat) 3:15:53 PM PDT SUPERAntiSpyware.com Replied: David, We are looking into the issue with 98/ME, unfortunately those are 10+ old operating systems, so it's hard to maintain full support - we are looking into the issue. SUPERAntiSpyware.com Customer Service
  3. The reply I received is that they are aware that there is now a problem with updating on 95-98-ME. They might fix it eventually, but I think it is not a high priority. The computer I use normally at home is connected by dial up, and it does take a while to download the 2mb or so definition file, but not too long for the trace file that goes with it. I have noticed that recently there is a lag time in the minutes between finishing downloading the first and starting the second, which previously was in the seconds. On another computer with XP and Comcast cable connection, update is still rapid. The program update worked also, although I forget whether it worked on the first try. In my experience, weekly scans are more than sufficient, unless you are visiting high-risk web sites, and updating is only needed between scans. I have disabled SAS from starting at startup via Spybot S&D, but I think it may still be starting a service that cannot be avoided. Maybe the paid version has some sort of resident protection like the Spybot S&D Teatimer, but maybe the free version does not. I am not sure.
  4. I suspect that the SAS update wizard has become incompatible with Windows 95-98-ME. It updated normally until the update before the current program update. At that time I uninstalled, installed the latest package, and updated to the latest definitions. Everything then seemed normal until the new program update in the last week or so. I am notified that a new update exists, but when I click Next in the update wizard, the list of available updates remains blank until I finally cancel it. For what it is worth, I will file a support ticket.
  5. I did the uninstall and reinstalled the latest download and definitions. Now we wait for the next program update to see what happens.
  6. The same thing is happening to me (SuperAnitspyware Free). I am using Windows ME and dial-up. I also use ZoneAlarm free firewall, but turning it off made no difference. I think I will try reinstalling.
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