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  1. thanks, hoped we would get it before the end of the year, have to wait so...
  2. your application is not compatible with vista 64, by that i mean that all of your drivers fail with vista x64, how do we know that ? cause we just watch our admin events logs in the windows system section and what we see is lots of red errors and when we click on it it"s about your drivers, u feel secure on 32bit OS ? ok, u're wrong, sorry. vista 64 is not the miracle but it's time to end this 32bit security hole, comodo coded 33 leaktests in one tool, we tested xp 32, vista 32 and vista 64, for each leaktest blocked by the OS, it scores 10. we tested systems without any kind of protection, no win FW no UAC no win DEfend, xp score : 10/330 vista 32 score : 110/330 and vista 64 : 180/330 so what do u want ? u say MS is crap, is a security hole but u don't even know the facts, so yes vista 64 is not working with lot of hardwares (old ones) but is it MS fault? coders create progs for x86 that even offer more ways for people to release malwares able to use the hole opened bya x86 app coded by amators, so yes teams complain about vista 64 cause it's too locked and they're not allowed to do things like with 32bits OS, but it's the best new we were waiting for, now MS says please stop coding craps, so the kernel is protected and drivers are signed, when u complain about BSOD and windows, u just forget that some coder made it possible, the code was bad then it crashes the system, how many 64bits app i got ? like 4, all the rest stays x86, but the good new is that the dramatic case of xp 64 that wasnt able to run even 50% of 32 bits apps is over, al apps are working on vista 64, i had 2 that failed, HJsplit and SpeedFan, oh my god what a drama, and coders please stop telling u cant release your progs cause of MS choices to give a better OS, cause comodo released one of the best FW ever in 64bit, i bought vista at the begining and there was nothing working fine, no drivers, no FW, no AV, but there was comodo, kaspersky, i bought a soundcard lynxL22 and they released drivers for all vista version x86 and x64, and during this time creative stayed for months with crap drivers, m-audio released a rtm driver more than 1 year after vista came out, they still have no final 64bit final drivers, so comodo, raxco(perfectdisk), easy cd-da extractor and realVNC are the only ones able to release x64 products ? i didnt know they were so far beyond all others teams, so yes i got 4 apps in 64bits, all the rest stays 32bits, they're leet, and i think if others release no 64bits products it's just cause they're not able to do so. vista is more than 2 years on the market, we know vista 64 is more secure than the rest but no, u keep going on with 32bit only. in the FW world, comodo is kicking all on the 64bit OS and it's the same for 32, but there's a 64bit. so are u able to code for vista 64 or not ? say just yes or no, it's enough for me. and superadblocker got the same prob of course... u're waiting for win7, u think windows 7 will bring revolution ? but it's just some vista II, nothing more... so please can u tell me if u're able to code for vista 64 or not... and dont tell me it's not a priority cause no one uses 64 bits, i just prooved it's the best OS MS ever released, so u cannot complain anymore about security, and if u think u'll go to win7 from xp without issue, just test it, even vista drivers or apps that should work almost the same give me lot of failures. win7 is not the miracle , and if u think vista is crap, please dont run it on some celeron 300 with 256MB. i had 1 bsod in 2 years, how many with xp? but i agree, it's cause of coders.
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