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  1. im ONLY criticizing what needs to be. The product is exceptional good. But the looks are bad. I highly recommend it but, still it needs work on certain areas. Same with everything! bestfreepcsoftware
  2. Sites look like scams when they dont look professional. Your product is great but the site looks like a little kid designed it. You dont understand that simply making a great product still needs a good looking website and UI. I know many people who turned away from SAS because it looks bad and like a scam. Trust me. Make a change! bestfreepcsoftware www.bestfreepcsoftware.webs.com
  3. Hey everyone, Yes I agree. The site does look like a scam. I know as well as many others know it is a high quality very affective product. But newbies will not think the same. They may think its a scam. Also it needs an updated User Interface. It looks to plain and out dated. I do agree that it is a good idea to focus more on detection, but that does not mean you can avoid the UI and website, both in desperate need of a face lift. It is only hurting your very good reputation and turning people away! bestfreepcsoftware www.bestfreepcsoftware.webs.com Check out my website. Pass the word! It is a new site, 1 month old and I need others to comment on how to improve it.
  4. Hello, I have used SAS for a long time and I think it is time for a face lift in the UI department. Very good software though. Also I think the free version should have real time updating, not manual and have first chance prevention. Keep real time prevention to paid version though. Sincerely, Bestfreepcsoftware bestfreepcsoftware@gmx.com www.bestfreepcsoftware.webs.com
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