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    If that's what's going on, that wouldn't be a "variant," just a rogue using our name. Your friend might be mistaken about the product name, too.... Yes - rogue would have been a better term, did not mean to imply it was legit. I sent him the link and he says he typed it in manually. I guess he could have mistyped or had a hosts file issue. He is waiting on restore disks from dell, I suggested he try a repair before a full install.
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    Im asking if anyone knows of a variant of SAS that is out there. I realize the legit SAS would not display such a message.
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    A friend of mine was installing SAS free when he got a popup to set up an account or enter a user account psswd (not sure which) which was actually a windows user account. He can not get into windows as he does not know the password and when he tries going into the admin account in safe mode he gets a "loading settings" followed by a "saving settings" and ends up right back at the logon screen. Does anyone know if there is a false variant of SAS floating around that could have done this ? I have installed SAS on several friends PC's and have never had a problem.
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