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  1. Well I'm now browsing the forums on a once infected pc. Thanks SAS !
  2. This is just a tip for anyone who is having the same problem as me. Use google and then look up the super anti spyware download page and run it from the CACHED option, this allowed me to download SAS, once it is installed use the alternate start (from the start menu), this has worked for me so far, the scan is going right now lets just hope for the best, I'll report back after its done with and update. Just a little addition, this is for a computer at my work, at home I use linux which is in my opinion the best way to keep a pc clean, just my 2 cents though.
  3. Hello SAS team, I'm at work and one of the computers is filled with spyware/viruses/trojans. The problem is that I cannot run/install any sort of AV or AS service. This is because if I search for Super anti spyware or any other type of anti virus or anti spyware my browser gets redirected. If I download the installer and put it on the computer I get an error, If I try to run SAS off a usb I also get an error message. I cannot open a ticket because I can't even navigate to the SAS website. I have tried all the above mentioned methods in safe mode with no avail. Please help. Max
  4. Thanks for your consideration RPHM2 however like I said its not a problem anymore, however I should say that one of the things that was annoying about the Seneka rootkit was that it hids itself from regedit.
  5. Thanks for all your help. I did fill out one of the support tickets however I have unistalled windows and am now using ubuntu so I don't think it will be necessary any longer max
  6. Alas SAS and Webroot together have failed, my computer is blue screening non stop and my web pages are being redirected every time I even try to go near an AV related website. Please tell me how to allow you to perform a diagnostic on my computer or I will be forced to reformat my entire hard-drive. It appears as if the Seneka Root Kit is too powerful for SAS ....
  7. A full scan would be great, I am somewhat suspicious now because SAS and Webroot both crashed unexpectedly and some of my webpage loads are getting rerouted, however scans are coming up as nothing so a full scan would be great. If you can confirm that there is in fact no threat I am sold for the full version how do I provide you with the ability to run a full scan? Thank you for all your help Max
  8. Hello SuperAntiSpyware, I have been a long time user, but only now do I truly appreciate the work that you guys are doing. I was trying to find a streaming video of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (now I see how foolish I was) and in the process I got the seneka rootkit installed on my computer. First this caused rundll errors, then registry errors, trojans, spyware, malware, viruses you name it! I was so scared I decided to spend the $60+ on Webroot antivirus! To its credit the anti virus does recognize the rootkit but it is powerless and can only show that it exists, not remove it, it did however provide me with a name "Seneka!" I have searched the internet all of today and SAS is the only software that I have found that has been able to remove the rootkit! Once I removed the root kit, finding all the other seneka .dat and .dll files in the system32 folder was not a problem, and both SAS and webroot appear to have removed the rest of the remaining spyware/malware. So after a long winded story I would truly like to thank you for the work you are doing at SAS. I do have several remaining questions: 1. How can I be sure that the rootkit and all the accompanying spyware is gone before I can confidently use online banking or stock trading? 2. How can I help SAS? I am a senior in high school, I spent the last two years learning about programming with the C++ language but I am truly interested in learning about fighting viruses and spyware, where is a good place to research this? Note: I know enough about computers to know that I know nothing and I am fully aware of the amount of time and effort it takes to become familiar with anything related to computers. Finally, if someone can help me confirm that SAS has truly eradicated the seneka rootkit and accompanying malware and that neither are now present on in my computer, I will be happily be upgrading to SAS Pro Long winded, but thank you again SAS! Max
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