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  1. Done. I delete everything I find. SAS still finds objects. Heavy. Cool. My machine is spooked. I am very thrilled. !! Sincerely yours, wagonman
  2. I understand all that. My question is: Where are they? Why cannot I find them? Happy summer !! shore guard
  3. Thank you for swift reply. I am not expressing myself clearly, I understand. I clean my machine, I believe I know how, as indicated in first message. All my security programs, except yours, tell me there are no unwanted cookies left. All are deleted. If I then restart the computer and run all sec.programs again, all programs, except yours, inform me only wanted cookies exist. Your program finds cookies I myself cannot find. It is a mystery. Sincerely yours, wagonman
  4. Thank you. Question not answered. I clean my machine, I know how, and your program still detects unwanted objects. I want to know where in my machine your program found these objects, since I deleted all before scanning. Or so I hoped. Sincerely yours, Wagonman
  5. not interested in robot replies. regards, wagonman
  6. Greetings to you all. I have been with computers since DOS 3.3 and Sinclair Spectrum. I believe I have a decent knowledge of computers and satellite networking. I clean my machine to my knowledge, erasing unwanted cookies, recent list, Temp Int Files, you know, the routine. I also engage System Mechanic and CleanDisk to sweep all traces of my cyber space visits. Then I erase paper bin content, restart and immediatly disengage restrui.exe, the restore point robot, restart and with this deleting all former restore point data, I like to think my machine is reasonably clean. Not so. After our program has been doing its things, it always reports the existence of cookies, which I thought I had deleted. Where were they hiding? Any ideas? Sincerely yours, wagonman
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