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    Windows 98

    Thanks guys. Found 4.24.1004 on File Hippo and reinstalled instead of the later version and unchecked the check for updates box. All probs solved now. Great news. Its also reduced my tea intake! (What did we do before forums came along?)
  2. stagman

    Windows 98

    Hi guys I am having similar problems, just recently the programme is taking ages to load and until it launches, it blocks other applications. It used to load up in a few seconds and is now taking possibly a couple of minutes to do so. Not a problem if the computer in not needed in a hurry, I just switch on and go and make a cup of tea while it loads! Perhaps the answer is to revert to an earlier version, is there an earlier version to download anywhere? I only have 4.25 which used to work quicker. Also, don't the updates effectively build the later version?
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