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  1. Hi fellow SAS users. I am using the most updated version of SAS Free Edition and am very happy with its functionality. I had a question that I was not able to find on the FAQs or forums (there are a lot of "suggestions" about command line switches, which this question may pertain to, but no specific questions about this topic).... Is there a way now, as SAS is currently configured, to either shut down the program if no bugs are found during the scan, or to shut down the computer if no bugs are found during the scan. The reason I ask is because essentially the only time I can do scans is during the night while I sleep, and it would be great if after completing a scan that was found to be free of malware, for my computer to shut down, instead of having to stay on for another 6 hours. So does anybody know if there is currently a way within SAS to do this, or perhaps a way outside of SAS instead (I run Windows XP Pro SP3.) Thanks to anyone who reads and/or replies, SB
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