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  1. I have found that a virus MS AntiSpyware 2009 is responsible for various Computer problems once it gains access. The signs are: a Security Icon on the quick start bar of the browser. Flash message from icon is ' your computer is under attack etc' This Icon is deleteable but it first displays 3 messages. One message invites you to have your computer checked by selection. Select NO. The next message carefully positioned askes if you want you to keep running without protection. The No is same spot as previous No. Select Yes. That ends the 1minute cycle. Then you access internet it changes the page to anykuy.com/.... to stop you connecting. It also shows your Security as not having any antivirus software. It also enters your Browser Bar and reflects 'thank you for downloading the ...Bar'. I eventually found in the Application Data of my Programs a folder 'Crucial Software' which I deleted. I now have 2 more problems to overcome. An alarmed message that your computer is being attacked by a virus. I cannot remember the 2nd one. So It back to the drawing board for now. will post any further news. Garryab
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