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  1. So is it safe to say that the user should download SAS Portable prior to use, and NOT update one that was previously downloaded?
  2. Though a few months old, this thread seems to be more in tune to what I was looking for. There was a time when it was stated that users of the portable version should download it prior to use, since the portable version could not be updated (like the installed version), and the downlaod would include the most current updates from the previous day. It is my understanding that the portable version can have its definitions updated. So technically, if I downloaded the portable version in January 2011, I could simply update that download today (3/17/11), and it would have the definitions from yesterday (3/16/11)?
  3. For clarification. To get the most current definitions does SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner have to be downloaded each time, or could a user simply update the last version he/she downloaded?
  4. Ok, maybe I'm missing something here. Portable SAS is not 'installed' on desktop/laptop hard drives, but executed from removable media (USB, CD/DVD), and is for personal (non-business) use. There is a separate download for desktop/laptop hard drive installation, right. Does the technician license allow the owner to run Portable SAS on business desktop/laptops?
  5. Putting this tool in the hands of the "wrong" user could be disasterous. The ability to scan the ENTIRE system would be great, but lessening the possibility of a user's oops! might be a greater need.
  6. So to get a "complete" scan, SAS has to be installed so each user account has access to it? If an administrative level user installed SAS, to be used only by that administrator, the scans would NOT account for the cookie folders of other user accounts? Is there anything else SAS scans for, on a user-account-specific-basis?
  7. So the sasdefinitions.exe file, which can be downloaded from the SAS website, includes the 2 processlist*.db you mention? If so, running this executable on a host computer without internet access, will create the SAS folder @ username/AppData (/roaming in Vista). From there, the two processlist".db files should be copied to the main SAS folder on your USB stick?
  8. ...beating a dead sea scroll! Based on how you've explained it (including those other links), SAS will run like a self-contained portable app if the host system has no internet connection. Absent a live internet connection, SAS-portable will use the definitions in its portable folder (those defs will also be copied over to the host system, under the current user account on the host system). The defs (Core/Trace) should be downloaded from SAS's website and saved to the SAS-portable folder. These defs are executable files! What happens when they have been downloaded to a computer without SAS installed, but SAS-portable attached?
  9. Does SAS, when installed on a PC, scan every user account, or just the active account? If one was to logon to the host computer using an administrator account, it would scan an entire hard drive, including every user account. Right?
  10. xyz360400, Based on what you've indicated, as long as "portable" SAS has access to the definitions stored in its "portable" folder, it should work properly? User's should be able to update "portable" SAS from within the SAS interface, since the update would simply overwrite/append the new defs to the defs already located in the "portable" folder. Is all goes well, would that not eliminate the... "Just keep in mind that defs for SAS need to be updated for each user account to be scanned in, not just one. ...since the definitions are located on the portable media?
  11. As I understand it, copying the C:\Program Files\SAS to a thumb drive will allow a user to run SAS as a portable app. When updating the definitions of this USB "installed" SAS, can the update be accomplished from within the app, or will the user have to download the definitions from the website and copy them into the appropriate folder on the thumb drive?
  12. Running a WXP-SP2, in an office domain environment. Could not install SAS_FREE.EXE (downloaded 2/16/09) in Safe Mode (with networking). After a normal restart, I installed it and immediately got the BSoD right after installation completed. Program does not appear in Add/Remove, and removal tool did nothing discernable. I simply deleted the folder. I'll go back in and attempt to remove all remnants of the program. Program appears to be having some difficulties installing on a few WXP-SP2 computers.
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