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  1. Well, I already posted this issue on the forums here. If they want to make their product better, they should read this. Tnx to you anyway for the solution, silliconman
  2. So, why does SAS not automatically do this procedure for you? Or at least notify you that the keys could not be deleted because of right-issues, instead of acting like it removed them? (but actually didn't)
  3. I have not been able to remove the reg-keys. I have done a scan, it shows the results and asks me what I want to delete. I tick the regkeys, it starts removal, says I need to restart, I restart. After restart, the keys are there again. Could someone from SAS please look into this? Check if it works okay for them?
  4. Same problem here. Even after scanning and quarantining in safe mode and then rebooting into safe mode, it still detects this spyware again and again and again. What's up? I have checked the remove-box and it tells me it needs a reboot to finish removing it. I have tried this a lot of times. I use a user with admin-rights. I don't see what I could be doing wrong. Please reply
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