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  1. Thank you. It did say the license was transferred, but it still had the license in there and the Register/Activate wasn't showing. While working on the machine it rebooted and it now shows up as a Trial Version and the Register/Activate button is available. I don't know if restarting or quiting out resolved it, but life is good again.
  2. Thanks - I did go to Preferences and clicked on TRANSFER. It still shows that the product is license with the code that I put in a couple of days ago. I need to clear that license out and use the license that was purchased last year.
  3. Hi, I'm a computer tech and SAS reseller. I'm working on a customer's new laptop. I installed SAS Pro Lifetime on this new laptop the other day. Then I realized that he already had a license which he purchased from me on his desktop. I installed it about a year ago. That license is good for two machines. How do I get the license that I installed on this laptop off so that I can install the license that he previously purchased from me on the new laptop? He doesn't need to purchase the additional license and I can use the license I put on his laptop for another customer. thanks
  4. I ran SAS's network connection repair and that fixed the problem. Thank you SAS. I don't know what caused the problem.
  5. It may not be SAS's fault. If I bring up IE, IE uses 100% CPU. Same with Safari. However, Firefox runs OK. I also saw yesterday that AOL and Google Toolbar would take up all the CPU. I've removed the Google toolbar. It seems that if something comes up that wants Internet access, it stops and uses all CPU. However, Firefox works and Avira is updating.
  6. Running SAS PRo on an XP machine. When SAS opens, SSUPDATE uses all the CPU resources. Then SUPERANTISPYWARE starts using resources and it just stays there with SSUPDATE using 50% and SUPERANTISPYWARE using 50%. I've done a SAS Repair -- it made no difference. What's going on here? I installed SAS about 5 months ago without any problem. thanks
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but the SAS Repair didn't work. I tired it in each of the accounts that were not used to do the original SAS Trial installation. I ended up installing a SAS Pro Lifetime license and finally all the accounts showed SAS Pro Lifetime as the installed version. - td
  8. Seth - thanks for the response 1) What I'm seeing is that SAS FREE, not PRO is being installed in the other accounts. SAS FREE doesn't offer Real Time protection. When this machine came in, it had SAS Free. I've used Add/Remove, Total Uninstall, SASUninstaller, and JV16 to remove the original installation. 2) Let's say a machine has one account and the user installs SAS Pro. Then later on, the user adds an account for let's say his girlfriend. It sounds like that new account is not protected by SAS. Is that true?
  9. I'm trying to install the SAS Pro Trial on an XP Home machine that has multiple accounts (4 actually). What I'm finding is that whatever account I install SAS Pro Trial into is fine. The problem is that the other accounts don't install SAS. If I go into the other accounts to install SAS, SAS installs as the free version - hence - no real time protection. What's going on with that? If I install a license, will I have to do that with each account? If the machine has more than one account, does each account require a separate license? .... just venting because the SAS installation has taken toooooo much time.
  10. What was the cause? I think I had an infected machine here and pulled the hard drive and connected the hd to this XP machine to copy user files. The intent was to copy the user files to this XP machine, scan them to verify no infections and then return the files to the customer. The customer had purcahsed a new machine and only wanted the files. From what I remember, at that point the SAS scan didn't complete and I had to use another machine to finish the job. My records aren't exact so don't hold me to them, but that's where I believe it started. It's no big deal because I can rebuild this XP machine without worry. However, I see no reason to rebuild it because it's running nicely. it's just frustrating that SAS won't run properly and that the cause is unknown. This is my machine, it rarely gets used. thanks for your interest
  11. Looks like this thread is dead as there hasn't been any new posts for a while and SAS has not responded to the last post of the CSR I created. This is the second CSR I've created. The other one was created on Dec 23, 2008. I had no response CST at all. and ended up getting my SAS sales rep involved to solve it. In the end, I found the cause and gave SAS another product suggestion. Disappointed ....
  12. The only disk defrag program I have on the machine is the one that comes with Windows XP Pro.
  13. Here's their response: Certain systems are just not compatible with the Direct Disk Access - there are so many different forms of "NTFS" that some are just not able to be accessed directly.
  14. I submitted the CSR without using the Diagnostic tool. Thanks for you help. It's been a fun day working on one of my own machines. Thanks again, -td
  15. This is great. I go to submit the request. I fill out the license number and my reseller number and include a brief description of the problem including a reference to this thread. Then it wants to do a diagnostic report. Click NEXT and get "There was a problem loading or running the the diagnostic program on your system." Note: The double 'the' in the verbiage. That should be changed. At this point I don't think the report went thru. Is there someone here from SAS who can confirm that the report went thru?
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