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  1. SuperAntispyware demonstrates itself everyday. The best - By - Every - Test! I think it is too much of a secret at lot of computer shops. Had to find it myself - THE HARD WAY.
  2. The current data base is 4.25.1012 Core 3746 Trace 1714. You should update. Click on "Preferences" of the window - on the Tabs at the top of the window click on updates - X the box that says automtically check for program and defination updates OR X the box elow it. X the b ox Notify fme if I have not check for defination updates in ( enter number) days. Good luck
  3. Hello siliconman01. Upon reading your post. I checked mine. I do a manual update, and it shows Core 3746 - Trace1714 as of 2-7-009. I did however previously notice that when I did a System restore to a previous date, it wasn't current at the restore for some reason. But current here now.
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