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  1. Well I found out from their Support department that the First chance Protection was not going to scan the system and remove cookies and temp files on demand. The First Chance Protection scans for programs only.
  2. Can someone please assist? I have purchased the professional version of SuperAntiVirus and have under "Real Time Protection" I have the following options enabled: 1. "First Chance Protection" 2. "Scan on system startup" & "Scan on system shutdown". I recently realized that there is no scan being done upon startup or shutdown. This morning I manually started up my computer and couldn't get on the internet. So I shut my Windows XP machine off and manually started it back up. Now - "First chance protection" should have detected, quaratined and deleted all spyware upon shutdown and startup since I have these options enabled; however, I ran SuperAntiVirus manually once my machine was fully rebooted and all services had started and it detected 40 threats. I've opened up a ticket with their Support department but I have received no resolution. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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