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  1. I just had the same problem. Thanks for this thread.
  2. I just have to tell you guys that I'm loving your product. I'm pretty sure your the only one that has a 64 native application. Plus you guys are just rollin with the program updates!. Malwarebytes hasn't had an update since April. Not that its not a good program, but I like you guys because it seems you are constantly improving your product!. Thanks again guys!
  3. Just wondering if there are any updates on when the 64 bit native version will be released. Also will it be a completely separate download?, Will I have to uninstall the version I have now and redownload it or will the setup just extract the 64 bit version automatically?
  4. Its too bad some programmers and in the "slow lane" when it comes to writing applications for 64 bit operating systems. Microsoft first released 64 bit operating systems back in 2005. Most retailers have been selling 64 bit versions of Vista over 32 bit also. Windows 7 maybe be 64 bit only with the final release. I see no reason to own a 32 bit operating system anymore. 64 bit is far from new....
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