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  1. I just checked my Outpost Pro and find that the real-time anti-spyware portion is disabled because of compatibility issues with third party software. So I am assuming Outpost Pro detected SAS on installation and disabled this particular feature itself. Hmmm... still an interesting issue here. Colette
  2. Thank you, Jahn! I appreciate your help. Since I just installed Outpost Pro, it seems to be in a "learning" mode. Strangely enough, the problems I was experiencing yesterday and earlier this morning seem to be clearing up. Pages that would not load yesterday (particularly Facebook) are loading today and the slowness on the internet has improved as well. Is it possible that the two programs will play nicely together? Or is that an impossibility? I'd like to go ahead and purchase SAS if the programs can coexist. Colette
  3. For some reason the internet speed has improved however I remain unable to access many Facebook pages. The page simply never loads unless I turn off SuperAntiSpyware protection. I've tried both IE and Firefox with the same results. (I should have mentioned the two different browsers in my earlier post. Sorry Thanks, Colette
  4. Hi, No, I'm not running any other real-time spyware programs. I do have Spybot Search & Destroy installed but not TeaTimer. I wanted to replace TeaTimer with SuperAntiSpyware. I also have Spyware Blaster installed but it isn't real-time and only prevents malware from being installed (to my understanding). I've done full scans with SuperAntiSpyware and with Spybot Search and Destroy. I've also done a full scan with Malwarebytes but don't have that program installed as anything but an after-the-fact scanner. My anti-virus program is NOD32 from Eset and that scan is also clear. The only other real-time program installed is Outpost Pro, a firewall. My system information is: Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 3.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4 16 kilobyte primary memory cache 2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache 156.26 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity 122.51 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space 1024 Megabytes Installed Memory I've checked SuperAntiSpyware and it is running at default settings. Thanks, Colette
  5. I'm a new user of this product and seem to be having a little trouble. In general, Internet access has slowed WAY down since I installed the product. And some pages (specifically some Facebook pages) simply will not load unless I turn off the real-time protection (which I understand defeats the entire purpose of the program). Any suggestions? Have I configured something incorrectly? Thanks Colette
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