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  1. How do I pay for the "life" licence for SAS pro
  2. Seth When I upgraded, I should have paid for the lifetime membefrship I suppose, am I too late to do so?
  3. Seth You will know now that I have upgraded to SAS Pro as discussed on KH.
  4. Hi Seth I use Nod32 Security Suite, SAS Free. I update every few days and scan once a week with SAS. I save attachments to a folder which is scanned before opening. I use my Googlemail for everthing except my few friends who have my private addie. How am I doing so far, very minimilistic I know but I dont get TH, Viruses, Worms, touch wood.
  5. Hi Guys I have heard so much good reviews about SAS, does that apply to SAS free as well as SAS Pro do you think. Anyway, I wondered if I show some printscreens of my SAS preferences would any experienced members tell me if I have it configured correctly I have sas in my start up menu and ity is in my system tray, I just want to be sure that it is working quietly in the background, I do update every few days. Sorry, when I tried to attach, the browse button does not react to my pointer
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