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  1. Your comments noted Geoff. My suspicions confirmed. Thanks for your prompt response.
  2. Same result here on a Vista 64-bit system - Have not quarantined as yet. SAS Admin - Advice please!
  3. Today via the update application wizard we were offered [ all dated 8/6/09 ] Service update SAS kernel driver 3x Language files Service update 4.27.1002 Application Win 7 Driver Support etc etc. Where can we read more about this update? What are the included languages? Is this a vital update for both systems [specs below ] considering we don't run Win 7 and apart from English we don't require two other languages.
  4. Updated on 2 laptops. All went smoothly.
  5. ****UPDATE TO MY POSTS ABOVE.***** SAS update [4.26.1006] Core 3971,Trace 1911 arrived as I was posting above. Downloaded & installed same. Restored the quarantined items again, did a quick scan, result no false positives. So all appears to be ok. Thanks for your help.
  6. I'd like to see your scan log, to have a better sense of what the scan is finding. You can find the scan logs by opening Preferences from the SUPERAntiSpyware main menu, then opening the Statistics/Logs tab. Just open the most recent log, and paste the text here. SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log https://www.superantispyware.com Generated 07/04/2009 at 08:06 AM Application Version : 4.26.1006 Core Rules Database Version : 3970 Trace Rules Database Version: 1910 Scan type : Quick Scan Total Scan Time : 00:37:50 Memory items scanned : 346 a sample of the file directly to our definitions team Memory threats detected : 0 Registry items scanned : 244 Registry threats detected : 0 File items scanned : 38010 File threats detected : 9 Trojan.Agent/Gen-Dropper[Temp] C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDDC9F.TMP C:\USERS\JMH\APPDATA\ROAMING\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\RECENT\UDDC9F.TMP.LNK C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDD18B0.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDD7587.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDD8ECF.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDDAB4.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDDC616.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDDF01D.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDDFAE8.TMP
  7. Followed the recommmended advice, found 9 of the "blighters" this time. A sample of the file was sent directly to your definitions team. FYI - Running 2 identical laptops, same OS, progs etc. 6 items found on second one. Should a file be forwarded from this computer also?
  8. Confirming that I too have quarantined Trojan. Agent/Gen-Dropper [Temp] after just running a quick scan. Refer below. Waiting on advice / confirmation re how to treat same. Trojan.Agent/Gen-Dropper[Temp] C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDD18B0.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDD7587.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDD8ECF.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDDAB4.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDDC616.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDDC9F.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDDF01D.TMP C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UDDFAE8.TMP
  9. Quote "You should have a folder called wbem, not a file." Oops! My mind is not on the job. [i have one aged very best friend, a 14 year old yellow Labrador, with heart & kidney probs. It is getting close to "nembutal" time I think. ] One Repository folder only found here too. At this stage I shall opt out of the "cosmetic fix" as my time & attention will be else where. I will however keep watching the progress of the other person with interest. Thanks.
  10. xyz360400 Re - C:\Windows\System32\wbem - I have wbemcomn.dll
  11. Re - "I really REALLY hope this one works . Let me know how it goes." Followed your clear instructions, no error messages, no BSOD, & still no SAS listed in WSC. Would be interesting to know if many other SAS Vista users [ both 32 & 64- bit] had NO SAS listed in WSC / Malware Protection / Spyware & other malware protection.
  12. Yes very satisfying to solve problems.[frustrating & often time consuming too.] If everyone had your attitude the world might be a happier place. Slightly off topic question - are you happy with your Vista firewall set up? [i'm guessing you've gone the extra step that I've read about.]
  13. Thanks - You are determined to find a solution to this hiccup. Ouch! The kid gloves are off, I'm punch drunk already! [i need another holiday.] It's "Windows, monthly, Patch Wednesday' here in Australia & I have 9 of the blighters to install. Being conservative I want to check the system is stable before any more uninstalling / reinstalling of Security progs. However I will give it a try later. [ Or perhaps I allow you remote access to play with / fix this 64-bit Win.Sec. Centre!]
  14. Ta! Re "I stumbled across this and it looks promising:" I'm familiar with this one & had already tried it. [running as Administrator ] After "winmgmt / verifyrepository" [ note spaces ] I get "invalid parameter" followed by "Win. Management Instrumentation" that includes 8 options including "Salvage Repository" At no stage does the system return "WMI repository is not consistent" If I put in "winmgmt/verifyrepository' [no spaces] I get "WMI repository is consistent" Oh well..................... sigh!!!!
  15. Sorry re the delay - unfortunately the fix didn't work on two laptops running identical OS & security progs. Thanks for your help though.
  16. Will do. Won't be for a few days though, I'm busier than a dog with fleas at the moment!
  17. Merci beaucoup - & have a good weekend.
  18. Hi xyz360400, A point of clarity please re the Security Centre reset tool that you recommended. You said "it requires you to uninstall all security software detected by Security Center ..........". In our case that refers to AVG 8.5 & Defender only. AVG uninstall is obvious Other options re progs not listed in "S.C" - 1.ignore SAS & Spyware Blaster 2.disable / exit both SAS & SWB , & 3. just turn Defender & Vista firewall off Your comments welcome. Thanks in advance.
  19. Thanks. Will try it over the weekend. Have you had to use the "Security centre reset tool" yourself?
  20. Are you Ultimate 64-bit? I'm very interested in an answer to your original question. Anyone out there ????????
  21. Now you have me wondering-------------- Are you suggesting that 1.SAS should be listed as "on" in our Win. Sec. Centre? 2.Our Anti virus [ or another malware prog. ] is "bumping it off"? Under Malware Protection we have AVG & Defender only listed as being "on".
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