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  1. Hello I'm not a techie so please be gentle with your explanations......not too many big words! I downloaded Superantispyware Free edition on the 4th June & since then I keep getting the above error message. I have not downloaded anything else. I have run a full scan using Superantispyware & McAfee which are both clear. The error message pops up about every 20 seconds & is driving me crazy! Can you help? Regards Nikki x
  2. Hello I am pretty naive about viruses but I do run regular complete scans ( I have the free version) & update it reqularly. Recently I have been scanning & continuing to get 2 vundo variant trojans which I follow the standard process, reboot , then run another scan & there they are again. They appear each time within seconds of the scan starting. Can anyone advise, remembering I am not a pc boffin so nice non boffin language please!! Thanks Nikki x
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