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  1. I have had my laptop in repair.Now I have lost my paid version SAS pro.What steps do I take to get sas pro back.
  2. I have noticed that when I manually update my SAS it always says it is up to date.Then when I look to when it was last update it tells me.It is like it is doing it automatically.I am not complaining.Does SAs update automatically.I thought I had to update it manually.
  3. I miminized SAS now it works fine thanks.
  4. While I was scaning using my super antispyware pro in the middle of scanning the registray items pro stalls the clock keeps running but it stops scanning for some reason. I have noticed this a few times but I didnt think any thing of it. What could it be?"
  5. I used to be with norten untill I got recommend by a friend Kaspersky internet security 2009. I cannot thank the software enough as it is what I have need to sort all problems out. Plus sas dosnt interup kis. kis is cheaper than norten. One of the features is it updates atomatically in the back ground. Plus many more.
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