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  1. I tried booting with safe mode and last known good configuration but to no avail. Had to boot with my windows vista dvd to repair the system by doing a system restore. Now it's working again; I did a full system scan with norton 360 and it found nothing (besides some relatively harmless cookies). So I ran SAS again, and the same file came up as adware.Vundo Variant that did before and caused my system to not boot into windows after I had quarantined it: C:\windows\system32\usp10.dll This time I just ignored it though; hopefully norton 360 will deal with it in time if it is in fact a problem. Meanwhile, I'll just play it safe with this computer.
  2. I've been using SAS Free edition for about a year now. I loved it and thought it was great, catching some malware that norton 360 couldn't even catch. However, I just scanned my pc after it was behaving suspiciously; it detected a few adware trojans. So I let it delete/quarantine them and restart. Now my pc won't boot into vista! The loading bar comes up, and then the blue screen comes up with missing dll file error and shuts off! I'm getting my vista dvd mailed to me from home so that I can (hopefully) repair it. How could SAS accidentally delete/quarantine an essential dll file? Is it possible that adware integrated itself into low-level operating software on my system and was therefore detected as malware and "dealt" with? Many thanks
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