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  1. I don't understand why an issue that prevents an installation isn't a priority with you!  Why is this not an issue for those that installed successfully???  HELP!

    Found answer in another General post from a year or so ago...


    Sorry, just getting my sea legs in this forum.  Thanks again


  2. My bad; Instead of selecting the update option in the control panel/main menu, I right clicked on the "bug" in the quick launch menu and selected the update option from the drop down menu and low and behold, it said a new version was available. I downloaded/installed and now have ver. 4.25.1012. Ran another full scan...problem solved. Thank you for your help, Bill

  3. I am running ver. But,,,I've been running this version since installed a couple weeks back and this last time I did a scan it caught it on my HP recovery partition and like I said the file(s) exists on my primary C: drive as well and it doesn't report a problem with them (they are in multiple system folders i.e. I386, system32 etc.)

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