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  1. I don't understand why an issue that prevents an installation isn't a priority with you! Why is this not an issue for those that installed successfully??? HELP! Found answer in another General post from a year or so ago... RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR Sorry, just getting my sea legs in this forum. Thanks again
  2. I have a clean Win 10 system w/o SAS and I get this same "Error creating shortcut, aborting installation" > How did this get resolve for phineasbogg. I've tried everything on the Windows side. Thanks, Bill Found answer buried in another general post from a year or so ago, Duh!! ----- RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR !!! Just learning how to use this forum. Thanks again
  3. My bad; Instead of selecting the update option in the control panel/main menu, I right clicked on the "bug" in the quick launch menu and selected the update option from the drop down menu and low and behold, it said a new version was available. I downloaded/installed and now have ver. 4.25.1012. Ran another full scan...problem solved. Thank you for your help, Bill
  4. I did an update prior to my scan. Does this mean that selecting "update" on the SAS control panel only gets you an updated data spyware data base and not program updates. If so, how do you get program updates, short of downloading a completely new version. I appreciate your responses, Bill
  5. Also, I always check for new updates before I run a full scan (every 3 or 4 days or so)
  6. I am running ver. But,,,I've been running this version since installed a couple weeks back and this last time I did a scan it caught it on my HP recovery partition and like I said the file(s) exists on my primary C: drive as well and it doesn't report a problem with them (they are in multiple system folders i.e. I386, system32 etc.)
  7. This USP10.DLL file (msworks file I believe) is also found on my primary C: drive (system folder) but, SAS found no problems on my C: drive.
  8. I got the same message. I have run SAS several times since install and this last time it reported: USP10.DLL (3 times/folders) on my HP recovery partition (D drive) as a variant of Adware.Vundo I canceled and went here 1st. Glad I did...what say you???
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