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  1. SUPERAntiSpy, I'm aware of your quality. That is the reason I will continue to use your program and even go for the Pro version. No, I'm not looking for anything harm coming my way, but, SAS - at least one version before this - would after every scan - offer 2-3 cookies. I was not criticizing you for that, just curious, thats all. I have installed new version of PeerGuardian2 that is now extra strict on (if you allow) cookies, ad-ware and such, although this is not his primary requirement. I guess, this could be one of the reasons. Also my OS is barely one day old.
  2. I'm really happy this is ad-acta issue. However, I have a feeling that now SAS - at least at this moment - has become too soft on scans. I would always have at least one cookie per day. At least cookie or something tracking benign of the lowest concern. Now, SAS even after several scans claims nothing to be found on my machine. What do you make of this?
  3. If this question is meant for me, then : http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/5803/ffansbr7.png My WS2003 is 32 bit
  4. Update : I would say that some hour ago or so, the last update surely had something to offer as remedy. I say this because, no longer (tried several times) SAS reports this as any problem. Please verify that you also, no longer have any problems. I certainly hope this be completely resolved. Nevertheless, I would love to hear, what was the problem from SAS staff? much obliged
  5. Aballister, You saved me opening almost the very exact topic. Different OS (WS2003) but very similar nature. Today,early in the morning, my usual routine with SUPERAntiSpyware presented after scanning precisely this : So I've allowed SAS to erase them and upon fresh boot of my WS2003, this was the first issue with OS need departure of this file : My NOD (with latest update) could not find any problems with those files. Either isolated or in designated original locations. I've even tried with dedicated VundoFix utility, but also found nothing : Since I have zero tolerance to these things; I've deliberately erased my OS (files/folder/root/everything) and installed fresh WS2003. After all the latest MS updates : I've downloaded the very latest version of SAS. This is completely fresh OS, I haven't even installed Firefox or any Net program at the moment. I'm typing this from SeaMonkey and after new scan with NEW SAS, again those files are reported ! There is rather strange inconsistency with those files. If for example, I copy them to some Desktop folder and scan them manually with SAS; from 2-3 times, I wont be reported as problem! Even in system locations. Yet, again, another attempt; they will again. When I scan those files in archive (RAR) the one I prepared for you; SAS wont claim any problems. Very strange indeed. Any rational logic - to best of my grasp - I can supply at the moment is perhaps some issues with latest SAS definitions that have problem with this file. I truly respect your work and dedication, and in your time, when you can, could you please advise us what to do. Thank you kindly for your reading P.S. I've just sent you those files from SAS and made a note of this post. For your convenience. Another location of those files : http://www.zshare.net/download/547791580b4381d7/
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