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  1. fyi: Since last update usp10.dll does not show up as vundo anymore...
  2. Yep! You are right. Since the update I did, usp10.dll is no longer found to be vundo. Guess with that it is resolved.
  3. Hi guys, I got my laptop restored. After I had played with the idea to simply copying the .dll from another system I gave the Vista repair kit (despite all prejudices) a try. As I don't have the original DVD on me right now and did just want to have a DOS comand tool, I downloaded and burnt an SP1 recovery image (http://www.windows-tweaks.info/Blog/?p=496), booted from disc and had my system scanned. I skipped the restore-to-an-earlier-point and had Windows do the startup-repair. And what shall I say: it worked! If you have your CD on you or download the recovery-disc you should give it a shot. If that's not working either, you can also try to copy the usp10.dll back into c:\windows\system32 if you can get it from somebody else. (Attention: the available usp10.dlls around the internet are totally outdated, look to find somebody with the same OS and SP-level) btw.: the usp10.dll is back and again recognized as Vundo.Variant by SAS
  4. Hi - and sorry for the double post straight away. (I really do need to get my laptop back running). I just want to make it short here (for longer post see false positive): I am unable to start Vista Home Premium after SAS quarantined the "usp10.dll" and had me restarting Windows. Vista now crashes before login screen. Is there a way to restore the quarantined file from DOS command line or is the quarantine encrypted? If so, is there a bootable version of SAS available somewhere to get the quarantine decrypted? Regards Aballister
  5. Hi SAS-Team, I've been using the SAS for quite a while as second AV-Software and up until now was very in favour of your product. However this mornig I ran into my first problem with SAS. I started a complete scan and after 5 seconds got got a "virus found" notice (vundo) on the usp10.dll, both loaded in memory and on hdd. So I set SAS to quarantine the .dll and wanted to rescan afterwards. I was promted to restart the computer which I did. And here is the problem coming: I cannot reboot my system (Vista Home Premium), neither "start anyway", "safe mode" or "last working". What I get is the loading screen and before the login it crashes with a bluescreen stating STOP:C0000135 or "USP10.DLL was not found". After some google search I found out that usp10.dll is actually the uniscribe engine dll and SAS most probably had a false positive. Since I cannot use the restore function of SAS directly (due to no system boot-up), is there a way to restore the quarantined files via recovery-console copy commands or is it encrypted? Is there a bootable version of SAS somewhere out there? (I just downloaded a bootable recovery disc for Vista SP1 but doubt that the usp10.dll will be on it as it is stripped of the installation files) I really hope for a fast response as I really need that computer for work. btw.: I unfortunately don't have my original Vista CD on me (for Vista recovery) as I am on an exchange stay in Austria and was stupid enough to forget it at home (in Germany). It will take at least 3 days to get it here (but yes! I have one)
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