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    SAS installer

    Hello... New version, same issues. Another person in another SAS forum told me that I had to have SASCore64.exe running in the background in order for SAS to scan properly. If it is running as a service then it cannot be deleted so you must go shut it off and then you can delete it and not get errors when trying to install the newer version.
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    I have a very similar complaint.
  3. I recently had a problem trying to install a new version of SAS and had to turn off SAScore64.exe in Services. Now that I finally got the new program installed, I see that SAScore64.exe is still turned off in Services. I only use SAS as an on demand scanner and do not have it start up when Windows starts or have it protect my home page. Do I need to have this file started by Windows. The other setting in Services is Automatic.
  4. ldb

    SAS installer

    I much appreciate that there is now a 64 bit version of SAS, but I have had untold number of problems with the installer. I put all of my apps on a separate partition because I do not want my OS partition getting clogged up with programs. It used to be that all I had to do with the installer was to change the drive letter in the install path in the window. Now there is no window and I have to do a browse which I get an immediate error message that I cannot install to my user directory. I then have to point to the drive and folder I want and even create a folder for the install. My first experience with this installer, I did not know that this was now a 64 bit version included and installed to the 32 bit programs folder. The install was not contained within a folder as I did know that I needed to create one. So amongst 25+ other program folders was scattered all of the SAS files. I uninstalled the program to start fresh and when I got back to the folder with the bad install all but around 5 of my previously installed programs were wiped. It took a great deal of time and effort to reinstall all of the lost programs. I still to this day cannot reinstall my printer drivers although I am getting by with the Microsoft drivers. I also could not reinstall the current version of Java I had and had to wait for an update for a proper reinstall. I just installed version 4.40.1002 yesterday and here comes version 4.41.1000. So I let the installer uninstall it and then try 3 times to install the new version with a failed install everytime. It seems that the file SAScore64.exe had not been uninstalled and could not be deleted. I tried installing to the default directory and then uninstalling, but the file was still in use by Windows so I had to go into Services and turn it off. I was then able to delete it and proceed with the install. So please make some improvements to the installer for those of us that want to specify a different install path. Thanks
  5. A recent scan of my computer took over 3 hours to complete. This was a quick scan and involved nearly 48,000 files and around 30 GB of drive space. I would like to cut down the scan time and only do the most highly suspect locations for malware. Can anyone recommend which files/folders I should include in a custom scan. I am using Windows Vista 32 bit home premium. Thanks
  6. ldb

    Windows 98

    You can find earlier versions at File Hippo. I would recommend the 4.24.1004 version as it does not seem to have any of the compatibility issues that the 4.25 versions have. The editors of the program should repair it or put a disclaimer in the FAQ's that state the program runs on Windows 98. I have not seen anyone who claims that they are not having difficulty.
  7. ldb

    Windows 98

    Better, but sounds to me like it is looking for something that is not there thus the longer load time. Thanks for the reply.
  8. ldb

    Windows 98

    Has this version been repaired so that it runs properly on Windows 98SE? The last 4.25 version did not. It still says compatible with 98 in the FAQ's. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the info and the link. Looks like I just confirmed what others have found. I know that 98SE is a nearly 10 year old OS (June 30,1999) and MS and a good number of other software vendors have stopped support and updates for it. I hope the makers of SAS will fix newer versions so that they properly run on the older OS'es as claimed. If they do not please let us know that these newer versions will not run and please do not change the program so much that we cannot still use the updates. Thanks
  10. I recently upgraded from version 4.23 to 4.25 and began having difficulty. I installed 4.25 on a freshly defragmented drive. Since then I have loaded and updated around 4-5 times and I must say that the load time is greatly increased with a load failure one of the times. I also noticed that getting updates failed at least half of the time with the program becoming unresponsive. When I did get the updates, it was slower than what I am used to. I did do a system scan and felt that the program behaved normally. I am running Windows 98SE which is supposed to still be compatible with this product. I have 500 MB of ram and a CPU of over 2 Gig. My internet connection is 7 meg so I do not believe my system is a problem. Is it possible that in the update/improvement process that the program has become less compatible with Windows 98? When I reinstalled version 4.23, all of the bad things that were happening went away. Thanks, this is a great program and I hope you continue support for all operating systems.
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