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  1. same here, very annoying, a real deal breaker for me too if it's going to show that right bottom ad thing every single time i start the pc or sas... good news, after another update, new check box r added to disable the right bottom ad...
  2. yes, i can & the scanning result is just a few tracking cookies... it seem okay, the online SAS scan just download/save to my temperary folder & then it just run like a normal SAS except it didn't save/install to other folder location like c:\program files or startmenu, anyway, i just found out why my SAS can't update coz after a "huge" windows update(just a few day ago), i didn't run IE8, not even once(coz i mainly use FF) & some how the "huge" windows update coz error to my IE8 & show me a connection error where it show the connect/offline notification window thing & after clicking the connect button, it load my homepage & then i try to run SAS update again & OMG it magically work... btw, still have to thanks for both of ur suggestion, it make feel a bit less paranoid...
  3. i'm using V4.41.1000, i already disabled FW but the samething happen...
  4. i right click on SAS system tray icon & click "check for update" but nothing happen, then i go to SAS main menu & click "check for update" & it say "There was an error trying to retrieve definitions. Make sure your firewall is not blocking SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE from accessing the Internet." but i've already check my AV & other security software aren't blocking anything related to SAS so what happen, am i infected or something wrong w SAS update server?
  5. or try using revo, its 100x better than window add/remove program... http://www.download.com/Revo-Uninstalle ... d=10998807
  6. u can try Revo-Uninstaller which is at least 100x better than the useless window uninstaller... http://www.download.com/Revo-Uninstalle ... 096_4-1068
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