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  1. Has the new version of SAS been fixed so it runs and updates correctly of Win98? Thanks Ed.R.
  2. I suspect that all W98 users are running 4.24.1004 as that is the last version that runs correctly....It is not just the updating that is hosed but also the scanning that doesn't run properly.....Its been a while and I don't remember how it was behaving on my maching but maybe some of the other W98 users will.....Also there are previous posts about W98 that may give you some leads...... If no one else provides good information for you I will reinstall the latest version and try and provide the information you need to track the problem but if you have a W98 machine all you need to do is install a recent version and try and run it and the problems should be apparent....(I haven't tried since version 4.25 but assume the problems still exist with 4.26) By the way thanks for getting around to trying to find the problem....... Ed.R.
  3. EdR

    Windows 98

    It's not the detection level that is the problem as I assume if it is in the data base it can be detected by the scanner. My concern is that the ability to remove (or correct) detected problems will not be present in the older version and thus even if a problem is detected it may not be able to be removed...... Previous posts by the moderators indicated that they were trying to find the problem with W98 but we have not heard anything for quite sometime now...... EdR
  4. Thank You for looking into the problem.....Please let us know when it has been fixed...... Ed.R.
  5. Can we expect future versions of SAS 4.25 to run properly on W98?? I know one on the mods said there would be new features that would not be implemented on W98 but presumably there will be removal features introduced in new versions that are not available in 4.24 or via the definition updates....
  6. I agree....Something has changed with the latest version on Win 98.....Takes a long time to start-up (longer than previous version) and may take multiple tries to update the data base (with a kill and restart of SAS in between) Ed.R.
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