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  1. Thanks for answering. <<so what you're seeing comes as no surprise>> If there's a way of letting wary users know what's coming, the surprise would be lessened. I've noticed that quite often the same cookies kept coming back...hope the change curtails that a bit. Thanks again. SAS is a very good program.
  2. I ran SAS on another PC [After creating a restore pt]..a laptop I hadn't scanned for 11 days but updated yesterday with database 11987. Found 547 trackers, again way over average, but I looked them over, found nothing but cookies. Looked like many were duplicate listings of the same cookie. None of them looked like keepers so I cleaned them. No adverse effects seen. I opened a couple of sites the browser is supposed to know and it knew them. Still, strange looking at the July scan logs, threats detected: 2, 2, 77, 3, 77 and then today 547 threats detected.
  3. SAS scan usually kicks up <100 detections on a pc 1-2 days between scans. This morning I updated SAS on 2 PC's, ran scans and it kicks up >300 baddies on one, >500 on the other...never seen numbers close to that. In both cases I shut down SAS using task manager before doing the clean. I had a bad experience with Avast once when a bad definitions file flagged necessary system files as baddies, so I distrust out of bounds scans...especially since 2 PC's were involved and I hadn't visited any Badlands that would increase the number of detections. Please confirm that SAS has or has not had a problem update. Thanks.
  4. It looks fixed to me..At the time of this post, I downloaded updates on 3 PC's at normal, pre-problem speeds. Thanks to SAS & CDN for fixing the problem
  5. When I downloaded from http://cdn.superantispyware.com/SASDEFINITIONS.EXE I took a helluva lot longer than 10 sec....See my comment above. I checked my connnection & it was 15mbps...I've been on the net with many sites and no slowness...so it's probably something about the CDN ATT connection that's caused the wheels to fall off. Hope you guys get it fixed. Thanks for following up.
  6. I have similar problem...very slow update last few days...usually I just quit the update and run a scan. This occurs on at least 4 PC's so it's not specific to one computer...all previously had fast enough downloads. My download speed tests @15mbps. On this PC and one other, I let the update downloads complete...or I should say INCOMPLETE as the downloads [mirror1] showed incomplete, tried again...same result and SAS updater showed "definitions update failed" after 2 superslow attempts ended around 20% or so. Bottom line..SAS has an update site problem..please test, confirm and fix After I initially posted this, I noticed the poster is using AT&T...I am too...if others indicate AT&T maybe that's source of the problem..could they see some of the definition content as a threat? But if so, antivirus updates would also raise red flags...I'm using Avast on some PC'S and MSE on others with no update problems so I doubt that...but still. Update: I downloaded definitions @ http://cdn.superantispyware.com/SASDEFINITIONS.EXE The download completed, but it took a long time...showing average speeds similar to the old AOL dial-up days...well under 100kbps. The downloaded definitions installed OK, so this is an interim solution until SAS gets the defintion source issue fixed. I can share the definitions across my network to update other PC's.
  7. I fixed the problem by going to about:config [pasted into search bar] then searching for glary it was set as default search right clicked modify then deleted the entries. This worked with both firefox and palemoon. I still don't know where this bit of evil came from, but it would be nice if SAS ID'd the source.
  8. My new PC, a refurb with no crapware, has become infected with glarysoft toolbar despite my never having installed software from glarysoft. I've cleaned the registry of all glary references but still new tabs in firefox and Palemoon [a firefox fork] open to the glarysoft search page. According to google searches this a gateway to spyware hell. I've found SAS great at removing crap others can't. I wish I could provide a sample but I can't find the source. Thanks
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