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  1. In the meanwhile why don't you update with the Manual Download Installer by downloading SASDEFINITIONS.EXE to a USB Flash Drive and use that file, at present 5.08MB, to update both?
  2. BootSafe allows you to easily re-boot your PC in to safe mode with a number of options, WITHOUT network and/or internet access or WITH network and/or internet access. If you click on Start then Programs and under SUPERANTISPYWARE on the dropdown menu you will see BootSafe. If you just click on that it will bring the options screen up and you will be able to see what it does. Yes it is safe and your firewall will allow internet access if you choose the internet access option so it is safe to allow if that is ever needed. The only time you will probably need to boot in to safe mode is to remove stubborn malware that cannot be removed when windows is operating fully. HTH
  3. I don't have either of those in either of my 98SE boxes but they are formed when you enter items into "Allow/Trusted Items" and "Exclude Folders" boxes under the Scanning Control Tab. At some point you have "whitelisted" a flagged item to get an entry in to custom.stg and excluded a folder from being scanned to get an entry in to exclude.stg. HTH
  4. I don't think changing version to v.4.24.1004 will speed things up as the larger the definition base becomes the slower the opening of the program becomes, mine is just the same. Neither 7zip nor WinZip will open the .exe file but Universal Extractor will. Version 1.5 runs on 98SE and you can pick it up from filehippo.com. I have tried that on a previous occasion but it is not any quicker by the time you download the .exe file, then extract the necessary files and right click and move them to replace the older file one by one and then you have to open the program to install the new files and it really bogs it down opening it up the first time after moving the files. I found it easier and quicker to update from within the program GUI. But by all means give it a go.
  5. Yes that is correct, I use 98SE and mine show a date of 29/12/2008. I have always assumed those were part of the database that came with v.4.24.1004.
  6. willie, If this is the fake email you received PLEASE delete the link!!!
  7. Just taken in the last minute from SAS themselves, Version 4.31.1000 is 4B641D2FB29A195810C4A4BF99F0DA38. 7.1MB (7,392,800 bytes) If you download from Filehippo, if you click on the Technical tab it does give the MD5 value on screen. HTH
  8. That is correct! Running definition updates after doing that will NOT download program updates and keep you on 4.24.1004.
  9. If this is the case is it not about time you removed the information listing SAS as running under Windows 98, 98SE and ME. The current version 4.28.1010 does not run once installed on these OS's as has been reported in another thread, to say it does is highly misleading.
  10. Hi Damif, Version 4.24.1004 seems to be inflicted like all the later version with excessive CPU usage on opening the program, it used to only take 5 seconds to open on both my 98SE boxes but recently when other posters raised the same problem with the other versions, I timed this version again and it now takes around 30 seconds to open the program, so I am assuming the problem lies with the size of the definitions loading. If the latest version does open quicker then it seems we are stuck with what we have already, still at least it does still work but with a slower CPU and less RAM I think many will be struggling.
  11. Now I cannot tell you if any version definitely runs on 98FE but if 4.24.1004 doesn't I cannot see ANY version doing that. If you get it going don't forget to go into Preferences, Update tab and uncheck all otherwise you will download program updates which you don't want. Sadly with 98 we don't have much choice in malware scanners just SAS which is very good at it's job or Spybot S&D which isn't.
  12. The version most suited to Windows 98SE is 4.24.1004, get it from filehippo. There are later versions which will run on 98 but very poorly and the latest version does not even install as you have found out. It really is about time that SUPERAntispyware updated the information on the website, it has never changed in years!
  13. Hi Alex, I think if you refer to the following thread you will find you are not the only user suffering from this problem. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3177 I use version 4.24.1004 of SAS and it has gone from opening within 5 seconds to taking just under 30 seconds to open and thats is just in the past few weeks. HTH Colin
  14. Hi again beatneck, Yes, you ARE correct! I just timed opening SAS and it now takes just under 30 seconds while it used to take just on 5 seconds. I had not realised it was as slow as that. I can remember doing checks on opening times when they brought out the versions which were not suited to 98 before we had to revert back to 4.24.1004. I just did a quick check with Process Explorer V11.10 and yes it does consume around 99%CPU usage on opening SAS, problem is I have never checked that on any previous occassion so I cannot comment if that is higher than it used to be. Never mind cannot complain too much, at least SAS does (at present) still support 98. Best regards, Colin
  15. Hi beatneck, I am still using 4.24.1004 on 98SE and yes even this old version is now slowing, but I think if you read the following thread the problem has already been voiced. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3177 HTH Colin
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