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    Manual Update

    I downloaded the manual update for the offline PC and that is older version than on the page written version. On the website is the version 3775 i had become the version 3773.Why?
  2. Undertaker

    Conficker and SAS

    I had no trouble with the conficker worm, but i see the update log and find nothing about conficker then I think that SAS do not detect it, when SAS detect the conficker than is no trouble. Or SAS gives other name for conficker?
  3. Undertaker

    Conficker and SAS

    Why SAS does not detect a Conficker/Downaduo/Kido Worm? Malwarebytes do itt but why not SAS!
  4. Thanks Man for the link
  5. How can I download it?? No Beta download on SAS site.
  6. Undertaker

    Any news regarding 64 bit support?

    So the x64 bit users are still forget! What maded the SAS team when Vista comes only in x64 bit?????? Or x64 dont need Real Time Protection!!
  7. Undertaker

    SAS - Windows 7

    Run the version 4.25.1012 under Vista x64?