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  1. OMFG,

    To the Dev Crew, I hope someone's taken you guys out for a drink.

    I'm completing my BA in CCNA this Semester. This past weekend I was researching networking sites and got hit with a Drive-by. My laptop started uncontrolled screen refreshes. I threw the kitchen sink at it, including Spybot SD, Ad-aware and boot sector scans with Kaspersky and F-secure.

    I researched the issues online (again). This time I noticed more hits, the problem is growing. Finally, someone who was cured, we'll see...........

    SOB, your code picked up additional malware missed by others. I can now access my laptop, my future is saved.

    You guys need to take the rest of the day off, with pay. (Tell the boss I said it was O.K.) :D

    As my father would say,"Damn good job" gentlemen.


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