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  1. so I deleted my free edition and now have the trial pro edition. It was able to get further into the scan then before, but it is still shutting my computer down before the virus scan is finished. Does anyone have any answers?
  2. I have been using SAS for quite awhile. I have the free version. I checked for upgrades today... yet whenever i run a virus scan, as soon as it picks up that i have this Adware.Vundo Variant/Rel my computer shuts down. FIrst i see a blue screen that is saying some sort of error, but it disappears too quickly and the computer is off and then reboots itself. When it goes to start back up, it has alot of trouble and I end up having to shut it down and restart it about 2 times before everything starts up as normal. All of these problems started about 5 hours ago, when I my firewall started blocking programs. I have been able to delete this adware several times by staring at my virus scan and hitting next before the error comes up, but as soon as I reboot it (which u must do to delete it) the problem is back. I am pretty ignorant when it comes to computer speak, so if anyone can help me and talk to me like I'm 5 to fix this, I'd appreciate it.
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