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  1. I wanted a scheduled scan to run overnight instead of late evening. I removed the only existing schedule and clicked on the Plus sign to enter the new schedule. SAS freezes and the window greys out and I have to exit the program using the exit option from the system tray icon. Restarting SAS and the computer gives the same result - I can't schedule a scan. Any advice please? SAS Pro. v6.0.1164 Latest database v11648
  2. I have three XP Home SP3 machines, all with virtually identical software. The old banger and one modern machine have never had a problem with shutting down with SAS Pro and BitDefender A/V 2009 running in real time together. The other modern computer has SAS hanging on to the very last moment while closing upon computer shutdown, with the occasional lock up which means manually closing SAS. I disabled BitDefender (BD) in msconfig and five consecutive shutdown/restarts went without a hitch. Reinstating BD brought the fault back immediately. Much dialogue with BD support led nowhere and I was prepared to ditch them and try another A/V solution. I uninstalled BD using their own uninstaller program and then ran CCCleaner in an attempt to remove all traces of it, (there were some). I then installed ESET A/V and set it up. Trying a restart caused SAS to hang in exactly the same way as before. Into msconfig again and disabled ESET A/V. Five consecutive restarts went ok. Both programs had been told in their exceptions to ignore the other. It now looked to me as if I have treated BD with scorn for no fault of it's own, despite other faults it might have. Going into View Control Centre, Hi-Jack Protection, after some trial and error I now have Allow Task Manager to terminate SAS unchecked. After many trial restarts the machine now shuts down without any apparent delay or problem. I am left with the question of wondering what difference this setting makes to my computer's security, seeing it goes against SAS recommendation? Edit ---------------------------------------- My euphoria was short lived! After about a further half dozen restarts the Terminating box has returned. SAS always closes but I shall have to watch it every time to make sure, or as Madeline says exit SAS manually before shutdown. Pete.
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