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  1. I have been using SuparAntiSpyware Professional registered version for about 15 days. I have had an occasional problem since the day I bought SAS. (I use XP Pro and Internet Explorer 7, and I do NOT use Windows Defender) When I come on the SAS icon in the sytem tray with my mouse pointer, the SAS icon disappears. When I click the SAS shortcut icon on the DESKTOP, the SAS Window does NOT open, but the SAS icon re-appears in the systray again. However, the SAS icon sometimes disappears or does not disappear when I come on the SAS icon with my mouse pointer. When the SAS icon disappears, it is not possible to use the SAS. This problem occured about 7-8 times in 15 days. I don't know if SAS protects my computer during this malfunction. Any suggestions about this malfunction will be highly appreciated. If I cannot resolve this issue, I plan to try AD-AWARE or MALADWAREBYTES-ANTI MALWARE. Do you have any experience with these softwares ? Do you have any other suggestions ? I use an old version of Norton Internet Security and I plan to use Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2009. Thanks in advance and best regards, Ali
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