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  1. I wanted to wrap this up with the help I received from the SAS folks. I am able to run full scans, including the registry once again. It turns out that I needed to UNDO my immunization from SpyBot and then run the scan. I can then reimmunize if I choose to. I've no idea if "immunizing" does anything but I'm sure happy to be able to scan the registry and everything else with SAS once again. Thanks!
  2. SASService, I unchecked those 3 items but still unable to complete a scan. It takes about 20 minutes for the quick scan on my P4, XP machine. I make it about 4 or 5 minutes, then shutdown. The cpu's max out during the HKU scanning and then shutdown is just a couple minutes away. A malwarebytes scan is coming up clean. Unless you have another idea, I may just turn on my Returnil system and limp along that way. Thanks.
  3. I tried scanning in safe mode. It seemed to help just a little. I got a further into the scan before shutting down. I ran the check disk program with fix errors selected. It seems to have helped somewhat. I managed a full Malwarebytes scan. I got just halfway through an SAS quick scan before shutting down. I noticed the cpu's remain low on the Malwarebytes scan and Adaware whereas SAS and A Squared really get to cranking. Is the check disk program something that should be run on a maintenance basis? Anyway, thanks for the help thus far. My concern was in making sure my computer is not infected.
  4. Thanks Siliconman. I didn't know what to try, but I'll try your advice and report back.
  5. Hi folks. My computer can no longer run a scan. It shuts the computer off and I have to pull the power plug to reset it, to restart it. I think my hard drive is near dead because it whirrs like it's scanning all the time. It also takes forever to boot up. Otherwise I can do everything as usual with this computer but I cannot run a scan. The only scan I can accomplish is Malwarebytes quick scan (9 minutes). Everything else, short or long scans shut down the computer. This includes SAS Pro, Adaware, A-Squared, and Avira antivirus. I'm careful to update the realtime stuff religiously. Question is: does this sound like a dying hard drive or is it even possible that some malicious code could cause such a thing. I seriously need to run a full scan but can't. Thank you.
  6. You're right about STOPzilla, Elite Killer. Now that I've discovered forums, maybe I won't have to learn everything OJT. I've been trying numerous anti-spy programs to learn first hand what is good. You get to appreciate very quickly the honest programs like SAS. I've tried to like STOPzilla because I paid for it, but I finally uninstalled it last night because it WOULD NOT let me install a program. It immediately quaranteened it and there appears to be no way to simply enable the program as accepted. Enough already. Goodby STOPzilla.
  7. My bug has been rock solid stable ever since I spoke up. If it happens again I'll check to see if its still running. I also have XP. I've experimented with R-Studios -startup delayer. Need to work with it some more as my experience was not so great. I think I went just a bit obsessive with security programs and had too many starting and running. SAS is a keeper for me. I uninstalled a couple of programs I thought I couldn't live without and now the computer is much improved and 0 detections for some time now except for a false detection from another product that I can't live without. Or maybe I can.
  8. I have the same disappearing icon issue going on with SAS Pro. I do think SAS is still protecting me but not certain. I've just been going in to start - programs and opening the program there and then simply minimizing the display to the taskbar just so that I know its working.
  9. I have the same problem Hoopster1. It started last week, detected only by Stopzilla. Everything's identical to your post. Other scanners including SAS show a clean computer. I've tried twice to contact Stopzilla via live chat but no answer. I'm inclined to believe it's a false detection but I hope to read more on this thread.
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