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    Graphics card

    My graphics card is playing up, from itunes artwork being scrambled, game graphics appearing checkered, when i watch a movie lines appear down the screen, and at the start screen these lines appear, i can vaguely see checkered patterns on the screen, i'm grateful for any help with this.
  2. Hi guys this is a nearly 100% sure false positive, my Iolo drivescrubber 3 (totally legit purchased off the site), after an update has come up as a Adware.Vundo/Variant-X32[Header]. Ive reported it through superantispyware pro aswell.
  3. Hi there, i was running mbam, when it (on the frist scan) found a "trojan.hiloti" in a dll file, i ran a scan and it removed, the second scan revealed 2 infected regkeys, both also successfully removed, ive done research on this particular torjan and have seen its efect on a system can bring pop ups, and redirect browsers and affect internet speeds, ive had none of that since, does that mean im in the clear? Also whilst ive had this trojan, (i don't know how long i've had it) i never had these syptoms either. Any help is greatly accepted Rob
  4. Hey guys, just ran my avg 8.5 internet security and it found a trojan horse agent2.BAB, could someone please verify what exactly this is, its located in my restoration area.
  5. To find critical downloads, and to divert to the webpages you need try downloading apple's safari internet browser, or google chrome, these seem to be unaffected by traditional browser hi-jackers which normall affect fire-fox and Internet explorer
  6. Hey guys, i scanned my computer with iolo system mechanic, im wondering if its quite normal to have 59 registry problems, i also scanned my computer with the trial version of PC Registry Cleaner and it has flagged 300 registry problems, is this normal, and should i remove them?
  7. This isn't a rare thing to happen, but for your browsing problems, download apple's safari web browser, most hijackers that tamper with firefox and internet explorer DO NOT affect safari, then open a ticket with the link in my signature if this doesnt work then holla
  8. Try an earlier version of SAS, or try malwarebyte's anti malware, this may freeze, but it will respond just leave it to scan fully, depending on how many files on your computer are taken up, the time for the scan will vary.
  9. If i d/l a program and click run, it goes to the temp folder, if the d/l is halted mid way and i reboot my computer the files that where already d/led should be deleted is that correct? Because i found a tojan.dropper in my temp files, i removed this with window's disk cleaner, should this also remove the tojan?
  10. Possibly, however, as i just said also try using Malwarebyte's anti malware to see if that removes it, that also usually is a good program to run together with SAS as it also has a good removal rate and may remove that rogue software for you
  11. Yup you have a quite a well known rogue application, get rid of it quickly try using SAS pro trial and also malwarebyte's anti malware, that software may also scare you etc with false scans and fake alerts for trojans, that should be your problem. its the rogue on your log called xp antispyware 2009
  12. RPHM2


    Oh ok thanks they where removed anyway 1st time.
  13. RPHM2


    No not at all, its just that wikipedia says that they may be near impossible to remove for any anti-trojan/ virus program, but thanks, and secondly are trace.known threats a risk, and easily removed, i also used to have them but are now removed. Oh and thanks again for helping me, i scanned my system for those trace.known threats and all is clean, thanks for all your hardwork. RMc
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    Hi all, Around january time i was infected by rootkit seneka.trace, its has been removed as soon as it was put on, removed by SAS, i've run countless numbers of scans after this and also have done with Malwarebytes, all of which are clean, is it nearly safe to say my computer is rid of this rootkit? Thanks alot, RMc
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    No not usually anyway, when SAS scans it scans the registration keys (technical stuff that keeps a program running etc) and program files, these files are in connection with all profiles on a computer, it will also scan both profiles anyway so scanning two profiles separately isn't necessary however, if you do beleive your computer is running slowly even after a scan on one profile a second won't hurt Also no you only have to update one, the program will show up on both profiles so no. RMc
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    Hey Guys, Im just running a little research here, i'm wondering if at all possible that any malicious file or threat could disable drviers on a computer, thus requiring them to be reinstalled, these include the usual video, sound and network drivers. Any Responses are kindly accepted RMc
  17. No otherwise they'd have compatibility issues
  18. Ive updated my SAS and scanned and found this trojan on the list, can someone tell me what it is and its severity please and if SAS can surely remove it?
  19. RPHM2


    Try using Malwarebytes, that has quite a good removal rate.
  20. does SAS have a portable version that can be carried on a USB device? If it does can some one tell me where to find it
  21. Yeah thats an ability of a rootkit, but after SAS managed to remove it, i stumbled upon it by chance it was under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then into the folder SOFTWARE and seneka was there i deleted it and all of its subkeys, however, you should consult if you do find this
  22. Yes SAS is very, very good, the PRO version is one of the best products out there, i also use malware bytes pro with this, but i also kept norton, due to its amazing firewall, remember this program can remove trojans but it may not be able to stop it accessing your details. However, yes this is a great program
  23. run a full scan, then go on start menu and click Run and type regedit, see if there is a seneka folder in there, if so seek guidance on how do delete that also.
  24. Hi my AVG appears to have found and removed a trojan called trojan.downloader.tiny.AF, Im just wondering if this is a serious threat or not and should i be really worried Thanks Alot SAS
  25. Yes i have everything appears to be fine, thanks a lot, it went after a few scans but removed it, i think i'll need to re-install internet explorer to get hotmail.com back, for now i'll use safari
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