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  1. It was no longer detected over the last few days, but today it's back :
  2. Virus total confirmed it was a FP.
  3. Just received my brand new laptop, and scanned with SAS and my other security apps (Outpost Security Suite, Malwarebytes and Prevx Edge), and SAS was the only one to find what is probably a FP :
  4. Of course I cannot assert this is a false positive, but some elements make me doubt. Here is the Scan Log : 1) I scan my computer with SAS everyday, and it's the first time it detects this ; 2) SAS pro's realtime protection is enabled, and didn't detect anything ; 3) I also have Outpost, Malwarebytes and Prevx Edge, and none of them detects it (realtime or on-demand scanner) ; 4) My browser (Opera) is always sandboxed. So there are 2 possibilities : 1) That's actually a malware, and it had been on my system before SAS pro's latest update enabled it to detect it ; 2) It's a false positive. Now it's quarantined, but I'll decide what to do with it once I'm confirmed what it is, lol. Thanks
  5. Apparently Adware.Vundo/Variant-MSFake was a false positive. After updating SAS pro I restored the quarantined files and launched a scan again. It didn't detect anything, so I guess the update corrected the overzealous detection.
  6. Same problem for me, and it has been mentioned on other forums today. Therefore, 2 remarks : 1) it's recent ; 2) it's only detected by SAS (I scanned my pc with malwarebytes, gmer, prevx edge and outpost, and they didn't detect anything), as I read everywhere. My browser is always sandboxed, so normally I shouldn't get infected. It might be a false positive.
  7. Whenever I start WLM (latest version), SAS on-demand detects a tracking cookie. I own SAS pro, and the real-time scanner doesn't detect it, by the way. Of course I can remove it manually, or with SAS, but it keeps coming back (I tried on 2 different computers) with WLM. It looks like a false positive I have to mention that NOD32, Outpost Security Suite, Malwarebytes and Spy Sweeper dont detect anything.
  8. Thanks a lot for your replies On installing OSS, did it try to disable its real-time anti-malware scanner for compatibility reasons ? It usually does when detecting 3rd-party security softwares. If both resident protections can work side by side without any compatibility issue, I think I'm going for it
  9. I have been using Outpost Firewall Pro for a couple of years, and now I am on Outpost Security Suite. I am interested in SAS pro to improve my real-time protection, but first I would like to be sure that there won't be any compatibility issue or/and slowing down if OSS 2009's real-time protection is activated. I guessed some people here might have tried the combo, and then be able to give me some precious advice, for which I would be very grateful
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