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  1. Hi Spark, When this happened and after I did the things I described above, I clicked on the bug icon, and it completely disappeared. In disgust I turned off the computer and went to bed. But.. surprise!!! After starting it up this morning, SAS window came up and a scan was started, no problem. So I take it the problem is gone. What remains is my curiosity: what happened..?
  2. I have my SAS set to do a complete scan every day at 6.00pm. I just came home and the window of SAS was open, I saw it had scanned 0 files in 4 hour and 45 minutes. I tried to close the window which didn't work. I did a forced stop, and when I wanted to start from the short cut it didn't react, then I went to my programs and clicked on "Alternate Start", no reaction, on "Help", no reaction, "professional" no reaction and "registration" no reaction. What do I do now?? Thank you in advance for any help. Milli
  3. I have SAS Professional. Has always worked fine, never had a problem. Today a Chinees (or Japanees, I can not tell the difference in the language signs) website suddenly showed up in my browser. I tried to close it but it stayed on my screen for about 5, 6 seconds which seemed a long time. I then force turned off my computer. I waited about 5 minutes before I turned it on again and without any action from me, the same websites I had up when the Chinese website came up in my browser first, including the Chinese one showed up again. This time I could close them all down. I turned off access to my modem and started a full SAS scan. That went on untill about 7665 items were scanned, then it stopped although it looked as if there was still a scan going on. I didn't turn it off untill after about 10 minutes, and no items were scanned from the 7665 on that were done. I stopped the scan and repeated this, and again it stopped at the 7665 items. So my question of course is: what happened and what can and should I do? Thank you in advance. Milli
  4. I have had SAS for quite some years, but never has it spontaneously disappeared from my laptop. It did now. The only thing about SAS that I could find was something that was downloaded in 2011, and the options in that folder were either 'changed or moved'. How can I get my (paid for) version back? Thank you for any help. Regards, Milli.
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