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  1. If I hit C on startup, it tries to start from cd, then starts from hard drive, which isn't able to boot all the way. I can get to the screen where it gives you the option for safe mode, etc. but it won't boot all the way. I think the spyware disables the drive... Bryan
  2. I can't boot from the installation CD... Bryan
  3. My daughter's computer is infected with Spyware Guard 08. Unfortunately, she let it get to the point where the machine won't boot up at all, even in safe mode. When I try and boot from the XP CD, the CD spins a bit, then begins to boot from the HD, which just gets stuck. Forgive me as I don't really know that much about windows... Is there a way to boot to directory mode or whatever it's called, delete some files, and get the cd drive to work, or something similar? It is my understanding that the Spyware Guard is what disabled the CD drive, which prevents you from getting rid of it. I was able to get it off my system sucessfully, but I didn't wait so long to fix it! Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks, Bryan
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