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  1. These are the files that come up during the scan: Rogue.SpywareGuard2008 HKLM\Software\Spyware Guard 2008 HKLM\Software\Spyware Guard 2008\Info HKLM\Software\Spyware Guard 2008\Lic
  2. That is the version I am using. And I should mention I have also tried to delete the folder/files in safe mode and I get the same message.
  3. About a week ago my PC somehow got hit by Spyware Guard 2008. Superantispyware managed to remove it but there is still a registry entry lingering that I can't seem to remove. Superantispyware detects it every single time and always tells me to reboot to complete removal, but it never manages to remove it. When I attempt manual removal through regedit, I always get an error message that basically states there was an error during deletion. I've tried combofix and it was unable to remove it too. This registry entry seems to be the only remnant of the virus (I hope) and doesn't seem active but I would like to remove it just in case. Any suggestions?
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