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  1. I recently ran Crap Cleaner on my PC and I have gotten several files with the location as follows: c:users\pc1\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\cookies\ I cannot find that location on my computer and I am having momentary freeze ups. I have tried ComboFix and SuperAntiSpyware programs and neither help with the freeze ups. In fact, Im not certain if the SAS is being compromised in some way as it keeps scanning the same folders over and over. I know I dont have over 1 million files in my PC yet the SAS scanned that many over a period of 16 hours and still didnt finish the scan. Please help if you can.
  2. The PC rebooted when it quarantined the files and Im running again. If it still takes a while, I will uninstall then re-install. Thanks.
  3. Thats the version I am running. I shut it down and quarantined the few things it found then rebooted. Should I try another scan?
  4. I downloaded the SUPERAntiSpyware app last night on the recommendation from a HiJackThis site after my log was reviewed. I have run ComboFix on my PC prior to starting up the SAS and it has now been running for a bit over 16 1/2 hours. I keep seeing the same files being scanned over and over and over. Is this a common thing and though I understand that the scan is supposed to take longer than normal spyware scans, is it supposed to take THIS long? Thank you in advance for any information about this.
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