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  1. The name is SuperAntiSpyware and not SuperAntiVirusSpyware.
  2. SUPERAntiSpyware has to use the CPU and RAM to do ANYTHING - you can't have an application that does a task and not use the CPU/RAM. That's like asking your car to run without consuming gas...... Yes, I know that any application needs to use the cpu and ram to do something.My suggestion is that maybe you guys can make it not use so much resources.My antivirus don't even use that much during start up.
  3. Version 4.28.1008 seems to be faster but I am still getting some high memory and cpu usage during start up. When I start my computer and log on,superantispyware seems to use about 8 meg of ram and then rise up to 50 meg for a few second and then drop down to 500kb.Superantispyware will also use 30-50% of the cpu usage for about 5-10 second and then go down to zero.I am using vista 32bit sp2
  4. i just bought superantispyware today along with malwarebytes pro and i wonder if they conflict with each other.i notice a bit slowdown on start up but thats it.i also have avast pro as antivirus.would really appreciate it if you can answer my question
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