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  1. Thanks, I will try some of these suggestions this weekend. I hope to get my computer back. I tried scanning using the Microsoft site. They found the virus but could not fix it. When I tried Spyware Doctor, my whole system locked up and I couldn't start my computer. So I uninstalled it. I am back to where I started. Does SuperAntiSpyware have a fix yet? Thanks.
  2. Yes I did. I even tried to scan in safe mode. I even tried to uninstall Internet Explorer. However, I have a menu item Internet Explorer. However, Internet Explorer does not show up in Control Panel when I try to remove program. Thanks.
  3. This site has taken over Windows Internet Explorer. I have tried to remove it in save mode. I get a continuous circle of blocking the change in SuperAntiSpyware, however, it does not stop the change to this website as homepage. Please help.
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