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  1. For some 2 weeks now, I have had problems with my web browser. I would Open Internet Explorer and go to google search page and do a search on anything.......and click any link corresponding with my search and I was REDIRECTED off to some type of ad site or a site that had NOTHING to do with my actual search criteria. A Virusremover2008 popup ad was also hindering the browser. Each and every scan I ran found NOTHING. Seemed nothing could cure this irratic browser behavior, however, every scan I ran showed my computer free of adware or virus'. Today I used the link on the superantispyware interface labeled " find out whats running on your computer!" This scan discovered an unknown browser helper DLL file......IFMONK.DLL. I checked the properties of this file and found it had been created about the time I started having problems with the browser. I then tried to delete the file and sure enough.....it was being used by the system. I then googled IFMONK.DLL only to find that there is NO INFORMATION REGARDING this file to be found anywhere. I mean NONE. There is, however, a VALID system file named IFMON.DLL...........but NO IFMONK.DLL. I then rebooted in safe mode and deleted IFMONK.DLL. Like a miracle from God, the browser functions flawlessly now. No virusremover2008 popups and no redirection from search pages. Something you may want to look into. Running win2000 professional. This file caused a real problem with my system. Love your scanner, Regards, HeLs