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  1. I've been toiling over this for a little over 2 hours now, and I've yet to find ANYTHING that can get rid of my problem. I've determined the process to be yl0j1cer.exe, yet when I run SAS, Ad-Aware or even CC Cleaner, none of them can find the source file! It looks like removing the process from my process list has remedied the situation for now, but I fear that it will return when I boot the computer back up. On a side note: The adware only activates on my brother/step-dad's account. When I boot up my profile, nothing out of the ordinary happens.
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    Okay, one quick update... I'm still getting odd google redirections, like if I try and go to a site, it'll link me to some generic search engine.
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    okay, it looks like I got rid of it... I've been using my computer for a little while now, and it usually pops up as soon as I open firefox/IE7. I've done some testing, and it looks like I've got a pretty clean system. I used !Avast to run a scan prior to system start-up, that found quite a few registery virused. I then went in, turned off system restore, ran a preliminary virus scan, removed that, started in safe mode, and removed those. I haven't used this computer in two days, and now I have yet to find a single problem; the computer is running MUCH smoother, much faster, and overall just cleaner. I've placed all my filed I don't want to lose on a backup disk, and am getting ready to do format to be safe. Thanks for making such an awesome, free, program.
  4. I've ran almost every single virus/malware/spyware program you can think of, and I have yet to rid myself of this god forsaken program... I've looked it up, and I've confirmed that it is a dangerous file, but have yet to successfully remove it from my computer. Could anyone help me out with the removal of said program?
  5. Well... I should have done that from the start, because now my computer is running FAR faster; I had the MS Juan virus, and that was really screwing with the computer. So yeah, I guess problem solved.
  6. I've got a severe spyware problem, and I've yet to come across a program that will give me the fix I need. It opens up pages on its own, it tries to get me to download some Anti-Virus, and I've remedied the problem with some quick blocks; but I know it's not fixed. I've yet to try superantispyware, but this is very concerning, seeing as this is not my own personal laptop. I have no idea how the spyware got on the computer, I'm VERY picky about thing sites I visit, and what I download. I just need some suggestions as how to get rid of this problem, and any things I can do to prevent this from occurring in the future. P.S. Sorry if my grammar is bad, but It's 2:38 AM, and I've been up for around two hours trying to remove this spyware.
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