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  1. SAS detected 121 problems, including trojans (Virtumonde). I clicked to quarantine/remove them all, then it asked me to reboot. When the system rebooted it could not start up Windows normally at all. It would either tell me or I would get a black blank screen. But safe mode works (but doesn't give me internet access). I cannot access SAS in safemode either. But it kept popping up with system 32 errors when in safe mode. I tried system restores but while they removed SAS the other problems continued, and fixing this is out of my league. Is there a way to use SAS effectively without causing issues with Windows XP? Is it the removal of Virtumonde that somehow messes with the registy which in turn causes Windows to fail to start. I don't know exactly where the problem lies. Everything else I have isn't working against Virtumonde and missed things SAS picked up. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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