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  1. Thanks for your help. With the update, I can now scan whole computer. Now, I guess my question is why SAS updates 4.1.1046, and not the new version. Do I have to download the new version myself? I guess that's for a new post. Anyway, thanks for your help....
  2. Thanks for the info. I just updated through the program, and I am still on version 4.1.1046, updated as of this afternoon. Although not my original problem with the program, should it be updating me to the newer version of SAS pro?? In any event, I still cannot scan pass that one file. It takes the program about 30 minutes to reach that file, and then it seems to hang on that one file. The timer on the program still works, so it's not as though its freezing on it. Actually it just seems to be scanning that one file again and again. Help please. I never had any difficulty until I went from the free program to pro, and now its all problems! Thanks
  3. I'm running SAS pro 4.1.1046 on Windows XP. Suddenly in the past 10 days, when I do a complete scan, it stops at the same file (in clipart). The timer keeps going, but the file counter stops and the screen gets a little 'jumpy' (for want of a better word. Strangely, I cannot find this particular file when trying to search for it. Exact file name is cagcat50/clipart/homebas/hmbsdir2/thumbs.db:encryptable. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
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