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  1. Ok i think i have found the problem. Under Windows Scheduled Tasks the issue is scbvllbu.job. The properties of this job show the dll in question. Has anyone heard of this scheduled task or can i remove it? Thanks.
  2. When I ran the "see whats running on your computer" i got this: MLJDSPIB.DLL C:\WINDOWS\system32\mlJDsPIB.dll More Info This dll activates the rundll32.exe which is never before been in task mgr. When i searched for the dll in safe mode and normal it cannot be find.
  3. After contracting Vundo I ran SAS and it removed Vundo however a dll file named MLJDSPIB.DLL is hidden on my computer and i cannot find it in safe mode or anywhere but i strongly believe its still a leftover virus file. No google search has this name. When accessing the internet i get a critical stop sound that is activated by this dll. Any suggestions? Thanks
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