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  1. After my machine became infected with malware that triggered pop-ups claiming that my machine was infected and I needed their security software, I installed and ran your program which appears to have fixed the problem. However, the SAS scan also quarantined two files that my computer is looking for (and telling me it cannot find) upon startup: C:\WINDOWS\system32\wupudihi.dll C:\WINDOWS\system32\zodogupe.dll The first file above is in the "Unclassified, Unknown Origin" quarantine folder and therefore seems like a good candidate for a false positive. Should I restore it? The second file is listed twice in the "Adware,Vundo/Variant-64C" folder, leading me to suspect it may not be a false positive. Does this mean that SAS failed to detect and remove some spyware that is now searching for this file? I am running Windows XP. Thanks.
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